Climbing in winter in Kalymnos?

A selection of crags to climb during the winter time. Palionisos red-wall: It’s a south facing crag and very well protect from the north wind. It has only 10mn of approach. The rock become dry very quickly though it rained a lot before.    Myriam Caissy, warming up in “Rata…” 6a+    A very comfortable place!   Myriam Caissy…


Climbing in Telendos

The crags of Telendos: Telendos is a very nice place where to spend quiet holidays far from any motors and noises…It’s a perfect place to stay with your familly. You can rent a room from 25 euros per night! There are routes  for all level and you can stay there for a good 2 weeks of climbing… It’s more quiet than Kalymnos…