Transition from Indoor to Outdoor climbing course

Ideal for gym climbers

All specific skills you need to know to start outdoor rock climbing

Here starts the authentic adventure of rock climbing!

Climbing on the rock requires a different approach than gym climbing. It needs to be prepared with more advanced skills, lots of gears, to manage the outdoor risk and to have field experience.

6 persons

5 days


Mar – Nov


  • Discover a must-see climbing destination
  • Build a solid outdoor rock climbing experience
  • Enjoy a high quality rock with amazing view on the Aegean sea

Course Content

  • 5 full instructed climbing days on the rock
  • Build a solid outdoor climbing experience
  • Read the routes on the rock
  • Top rope climbing & Lead climbing
  • Safety & Belaying skills
  • Improve your climbing technique (move efficiently, foot work, balance)
  • Work on your mental strengh
  • Security and communication at the crag
  • Choice and use of the climbing gears
  • How to use a guidebook
  • Enjoy a selection of the best routes of Kalymnos in your level!

For Who ?

For gym climbers and occasional outdoor climbers

From 5a to 6b

No outdoor climbing experience required


The climbing program is adapted to each climber in the group all along the week according to the experience, objectives and progress of everyone.

Here is a suggestion:

Day 1

Grande Grotta sector, the symbol of climbing on Kalymnos

Spectacular view and affordable routes for all climbers (Sector Afternoon)

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Evaluation of your climbing skills and safety skills to build your personalized climbing program for the week.

Learn and train how to move efficiently on the rock (footwork and rest strategies)

Day 2

Arginonta sector: Climbing and exercices to improve your climbing technique (move efficiently, save energy, footwork, read the routes)

Day 3

Telendos island: reach the climbing sector on a fisherman boat. Build confidence, mental strengh, on the rock.

Day 4

Rest day: Diving, Kayak, Beach

Day 5

Symblegades sector: Climb in a small canyon, stunning view on Telendos as always, improve your climbing skills and experiment 40m high routes.

Day 6

Ghost Kitchen sector. Send a project, lead a route, enjoy harder routes and make the most of your last climbing day now that you are a confirmed outdoor climber!


Daily schedule

A climbing day lasts 7 to 8 hours, generally from 8:30am to 4pm

This program can be modified to adapt it to the progress and objectives of the climbers and weather forecast.


  • 5 full instructed climbing days
  • Harness
  • Helmet
  • Climbing shoes
  • Ropes
  • Quickdraws
  • Belaying devices
  • All information you need to organize your stay on Kalymnos




2 spots available

14 – 19 April

3 spots available

28 April – 3 May

2 spots available

12 – 17 May

5 spots available

26 – 31 May

5 spots available

2 – 7 June

6 spots available

23 – 28 June

4 spots available

21 – 26 July

6 spots available

4 – 9 August

6 spots available

25 – 30 August

6 spots available

1 – 6 September

6 spots available

6 – 11 October

6 spots available

13 – 18 October


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