On Kalymnos & Telendos island

Go for a breathtaking climbing experience

Climbing a multi-pitch on Kalymnos or Telendos is certainly the extra that will make your holidays on the island even more special.

Multi-Pitch on Kalymnos

Ideal for a first experience or occasional multi-pitch climbers with 150m routes from 5c.

Muli-Pitch on Telendos

A bit more of adventure with 250m routes, approach with fisherman boat and walk back from the top of the island. For climbers from 6a with some multi-pitch climbing experience.

Grandes voies Kalymnos Multi-pitches Kalymnos with Simon Montmory

 Multi-pitch course

is aimed to climbers who want to gain experience and become more autonomous. You will learn all basic safety and rope skills, abseiling down and building anchors. No multi-pitch experience is required.