My climbing holidays

I’ve spend the whole winter in France/Provence next to Saint Léger climbing bare-foot. First because I like the feeling of freedom, to improve my climbing skills and for the challenge!! And because I broke my little toe playing with the kids and couldn’t wear shoes anyway…

The Bare-foot collection start from 8a, under that level it does’nt count. I tried couples of other routes up to 8b+ like that, but I don’t have the training-time-resistance for that yet.

How is it?

More natural to me than wearing shoes (Anyway I’m most of the time bare-foot in Greece, hiking at the crag and climbing)

Better when its cold, otherwise you get sweaty feet and its becoming harder!

Painfull and bleedy some time, you can’t use all the feet hold you want, as when wearing shoes so its more fun and more interesting!

You should all try that!

The Bare-foot collection:

-Radioactive man 8a: Fun boulder moves!

-Panique au Poulailler 8a: Nice endurance route on slopers, 35m

-Sault qui peut 8a (7c?): Good warm up for the sector

-Hilti Blues 8a: Tuffas with a nice boulder

And now that I can finally wear again climbing shoes, no more time to climb outside and bad weather!