Private Coaching & Guiding

A personalized selection of the best routes of the island

Performance coaching (5c to 8a)

  • Analyse and improve your climbing technique
  • Learn how to train better back home
  • Build confidence and develop climbing strategies
  • Reach the next grade

I feel lucky to do the work of my dreams and to tell myself every morning  “Yes! It will be super nice, they are so motivated to learn!” Indeed, my student comes to learn and improve, which is the best thing for me! How could I get a better request? Climbers that want to improve thanks to my analyse of their climb in the most beautiful spot in the world, the best!


Private coaching in Kalymnos with Simon Montmory

Private coaching in Kalymnos with Simon Montmory

Simon Montmory - passionate climbing instructor

Simon Montmory, climbing instructor, happy to share his passion

Prenez confiance et lancez-vous dans vos projets!